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Conditions générales

Conditions générales
Terms of use of www.ComeToAlgarve.com
General Conditions of Sales and Use

This charter applies to all users, members, advertisers and visitors accessing our portal for the advertising of individuals and professionals on the Internet.
It specifies the rights and obligations that user users undertake to respect, in particular the conditions and limits of any constraints relating to the use of the site.
ComeToAlgarve.com can not guarantee the appropriateness, reliability or exhaustiveness of rental advertisements and advertisements published on its site.

It is the user’s responsibility to use the information contained on ComeToAlgarve.com with caution and to carry out any verification on its own responsibility.
NB: Ad serving on ComeToAlgarve.com is a totally FREE service at this time.
The creation of a member space on ComeToAlgarve.com is free and without obligation.

I – Risks related to the Internet:
Although our site has been subject to special protection and adapted to current techniques, the Internet may
Risks of data interception, we can not guarantee that the information exchanged through our various services will not be
Intercepted by third parties, and that the confidentiality of the data will be fully guaranteed.
• 1) Responsibility of private advertisers:
By posting on ComeToAlgarve.com, every advertiser commits to the accuracy of the data it transmits. In no event will ComeToAlgarve.com be liable for disputes or disputes between the tenant and the owner. By validating their
Advertisers become fully responsible for the content of their ads (all photos and text).
• 2) Transmission of information:
The operation of ComeToAlgarve.com requires the exchange of numerous personal data transmitted by the users of our
portal. Any natural and legal person using ComeToAlgarve.com declares to be informed and authorizes us to communicate his personal information to third parties.

II – Information on content
To guarantee a wide choice, ComeToAlgarve.com presents ads from individuals and agencies.
NB: In the 2 cases above, ComeToAlgarve.com declines all responsibility in case of dispute. The tenant acknowledges being informed
That no remedy may be brought against ComeToAlgarve.com.

III – Managing an ad by an individual

• 1) Deposit and validate ads:
After settlement on ComeToAlgarve.com, the deposit of an advertisement is controlled by our validation service before being broadcast on the Internet.
This validation can not be automatic, it imperatively requires a human control in order to protect the site ComeToAlgarve.com and its visitors of illicit contents and thus respect the legislation in force.
Our validation service is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00.
The validation of the announcements and / or their modifications takes place within 24 working hours.
For an advertisement filed outside the opening hours, it will be validated the next day or the following Monday if it is a weekend.
A confirmation e-mail is sent to the owner stating that his / her ad has been checked and validated and that the ad is now
For any modification, this ad is accessible through the ComeToAlgarve.com proprietary space.
• 2) Ad publication time:
The duration of publication of the announcements on the site starts at the time of the validation of the form.
• 3) Schedule update:
Each advertiser agrees to update its booking schedule via its owner’s space, on a regular and frequent basis,
In order to guarantee Internet users a greater reliability of the information and to limit exchanges of unnecessary correspondence.
The updating of the schedule is not subjected to a validation by our services, its updating takes place in real time.
• 4) Changing ads:
The modification of an ad via the owner account, leads to the control and the validation of it by our services within 24 hours
This step is essential to control the editorial content of ComeToAlgarve.com.
This check is not intended to verify or guarantee the veracity of the information transmitted by advertisers, whether they are
Owners or tenants, but to protect our site from defamatory, pornographic, discriminatory and other content
Essential to ensure the ethics of ComeToAlgarve.com.
We make a point of honor to guarantee the quality of our brand ComeToAlgarve.com as well as the regulations in force.
For more information about the responsibilities for the content on ComeToAlgarve.com, see the Liability clause
(Chapter V).


IV – General site management and use of data
• 1) Protection of persons and property:
ComeToAlgarve.com reserves the right to refuse or remove any ads or photos that do not comply with applicable legislation,
Interpreted, defamatory or coarse as well as announcements without payment of the subscription fee.
More generally, ComeToAlgarve.com reserves the right to remove any announcement without notice and without having to justify itself.
The owner can also, at any time, disable his ad, upon request.
• 2) Advertising and referencing:
The advertisers of ComeToAlgarve.com allow ComeToAlgarve.com to promote their hosting on other portals and
Areas on the Internet. In order to guarantee maximum visibility and efficiency, ComeToAlgarve.com also reserves the right to use
Information of advertisers in the context of promotional activities to the media.
• 3) Accessibility:
The ComeToAlgarve.com website is accessible 24 hours a day, subject to force majeure and maintenance periods.
If a technical problem makes it impossible to access services, ComeToAlgarve.com is committed to doing its utmost to implement all possible technical solutions so that access to services is restored as soon as possible.